Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thanksgiving, Christmas Ball, Blah blah

Hey everyone,

I've recently been told that I need to update the blog. As I stated in my last post, I'm a lazy beast. AND these last two months have been really effin' busy.

First, I've received several emails concerning our safety here in the UK. So i'll say this once, and then never again. Never in my life have I felt safer. Half the time, we forget to lock our doors. I've only got 2 and 1/2 years left in this beautiful country, I'm not going to spend it afraid of what might happen. Too many things to experience and not nearly enough time. Plus, if we live our lives in fear of ISIS, they win. That is all.

We celebrated our first holiday! Will and I (AND THE LOVELY KATE JOHNSON) hosted Thanksgiving. We had two turkeys, one ham, all da fixins, and 12 lovely brits in our home from 1:30 pm until about 1 am. We watched the Ohio State VS. scum game, ate and drank our little hearts out. It was pretty incredible. I love them all. All of em. The whole lot.

Scarlett successfully completed her first semester of kindergarten. And she got her first report card! It's adorable. She was an angel in her school's Nativity play. I'm so proud of my tiny human! Also, may I just say, 3 weeks is too fuckin' long for Christmas holiday? I think a week tops is probably good. Just saying.

Eve is her normal happy self. She gave us all the flu. (And a couple of our friends) And her ear smells like rotten meat stick. But she's slapping Scar around. Running the show.

Will finished his course at Wallop so he's home. Thank God. I was really sick of only being able to torture him on the weekends. It made my life very boring.

Willy Boy Wonder and I went to his Christmas Ball. To be honest, I don't remember much. But I must have had a good time. Because I look REALLY happy in all of the pictures. I saw a man in a kilt and did a shot of tequila. Thats about all I can really remember before rounding Will up for transport. I DO REMEMBER THAT THE FOOD WAS AMAZING. I had some sort of pudding that was in a cup? I don't remember. But that shit is on point. SCRUMP.

Christmas is just around the corner. Will's Aunt Peg is coming to stay with us for a few weeks, and we're spending 3 nights in London doing fun touristy stuff. And, to keep some tradition, we are having Christmas enchiladas! And cookie day. Excited to spend our first Christmas here!

I'll attach pictures when I'm done yelling at my kids. Per usual, they are up to no good.

-Badashley (Hahah I just came up with that, but I love it.)

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hello everyone,

We've been in the UK for almost 2 months. Things are starting to settle down and our children are finally getting the stability they need to be at least moderately functional. Scarlett started kindergarten at Finborough(Which is basically Hogwarts, no big deal). It's a truly wonderful school with a lovely staff. She has made a lot of friends, and looks forward to the learning new things. Her favorite subjects are Art, science, and swimming. Plus, she is absolutely adorable in her uniform!
Eve really misses her while she's at school. Though, in the back of her mind she's probably thinking, "I would have made a fabulous only child!" Plus, Will hasn't actually started working so he's at her beck and call. Things are different here.  It seems to me that they're much more family oriented. Will finished one course and fully expected to be sent to another, and instead they said, "You should use this down time to explore with your family. Get them set up." Which has been nice. But Will is ready to get back to work. There was a conference in Germany that he attended 2 weeks ago, and in two weeks, he leaves for a fast tracked British version of flight school. Again, England is small, so we'll see him on the weekends.

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to do much traveling now that Scarlett has been in school for 3 weeks! We did get to spend 2 nights in London, but I'm writing a separate post for that. d

Our stuff was delivered 5 days ago. We have basically been without our household goods for 2 1/2 months. So far, NOTHING is broken. It's truly a miracle. I spent hours on the internet reading horror stories about military moves abroad. "MY TV WAS STOLEN! SOMEONE SHIT IN MY GRANDMOTHERS ASHES! WHY ARE ALL OF MY PLATES BROKEN?!" But none of that happened. Everything was in tact, and everything was accounted for. There was some mouse poop on top of my Keurig, but I'm not surprised. Crates and boxes on a boat for 2 months? Bring on the mice babies. The Housing company is picking up the furniture that they lent us on Thursday. But, for the most part, we're unpacked.

Scarlett and Eve just celebrated their 5th and 2nd birthday this weekend. It was uneventful. But we really needed that. Can't believe how much they've grown. Usually, humor is how I handle every event in our life, big or small, but I need to have a sappy mother moment: My sweet little puddings are turning into actual children.. I'm so honored to be responsible for their upbringing!

On a sad note, our feline child, Slicky, passed away in his sleep. He was 17 years old. I found him on the counter around 8 pm. Went to open a can of tuna and he didn't move. At that moment, it was apparent that Slick was gone. From what we can tell, he had a very peaceful and easy release. Our friends helped me bury him, and consoled me while it was done. Will came home from Germany the next day and together we told Scar. She is still incredibly upset about it. That furry man beast was there her whole life, and his absence, his furry cat void, is very noticeable. Almost every single day, we find ourselves asking, "Did you feed the cat?!?!" Because, if you didn't feed him in time, he'd poop next to your shoes, or bite your back fat while you slept. He was a kitten when I picked him (I was 10); we grew up together.

I know it's been a while since I've written anything. I'm a lazy beast and I've been horribly homesick! It's causing me to be irritable and anxious. Along with the lack of summer, and the significant time difference, it has me in quite the funk. However, I've made it a point to not think about the negative things. Everyday, we find another reason to love this town.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Framlingham Castle and Cambridge

So, this week, we've travelled to Framlingham Castle and Cambridge. We've also been doing a lot of relaxing. We are still without our things, BUT our fridge, dishwasher, and dryer have been delivered! On Sunday, Will leaves for a week and a half for a course, so the girls and I will be around Hadleigh. When  his course is over, we are driving over to meet him, and then we are traveling to Wales for four or five days.


Framlingham was built in 1190 (most of it, anyway), and it is the castle where Mary Tudor was declared the Queen of England, like a BOSS. We visited at the right time, because there was a traveling knights show. It was very interactive. We packed some sandwiches and had a picnic inside the castle. We climbed the very steep spiral stair case, and scaled the perimeter of the castle and it's watch towers. Will told me that the reason the stairs spiral counter clock wise is a defense mechanism. Most people were right handed, and the men running down the spiral stair case to hold the castle were able to defend themselves, and fuck shit up all at the same time. Unless you're in LoTR....Anyhow, The girls really enjoyed themselves.

Cambridge was amazing. Trinity College was NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so I pouted almost the entire time we were there. Thankfully we only live an hour away, and I'm already planning our next trip. We met one of Will's West Point buddies for lunch (he was on his honeymoon with his lovely bride), at a place called "The Eagle." On Feb. 28, 1953, James Watson and Francis crick ran in and yelled that they had "discovered the secret to life" which to us, is DNA. We walked in several churches, and ohhh'd and awwww'd the entire day. Really, an amazing place.


Saturday, August 8, 2015